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The particle "kara": から

Two essential functions:

a. To indicate the starting point

"Kara" is used to indicate the starting time, space or when an abstract action begins.


Koko kara dô ikimasu ka = From here, how do we go there ?

Tev wa kyonen kara Tôkyô ni sunde imasu = Tev lives in Tokyo since last year.

b. To introduce a reason or a cause

Used with this function, it is used after a verb or can be translated into "because" or "since". It is then at the end of the clause that introduced the cause.


Ame ga futte kimashita kara, kuruma ni norimashô = Because it's raining, let's take the car.

Ame ga yanda kara, kôen e sampo ni itta = ecause it stopped raining, we'll walk into the park.

Ima shirabemasu kara = Because now, I'm looking for ! (lit.: "Because now, I'm looking for" )

Author: Duncan

Translator: Othman