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The particle "Yori" : より

Two functions:

a. The temporal and spatial starting point

This particle has exactly the same meaning as "''kara''". We can use "yori" every time without changing the meaning. However, in the "modern" speaking, "kara" has completely surpassed "yori" in this function. It's only used in the "literary" language.

b. The comparison

"Yori" indicates the reference point of a comparison. It can be translated into "compared to" or "more than" (in some cases).


Shashin yori motto utsukushii hito desu yo = She is more beautiful in reality than on pictures (literally: Compared to the photo, she is more beautiful.)

Sapporo wa Tôkyô yori shizuka desu = Sapporo is more quiet than Tokyo. (Lit.: Compared to Tokyo, Sapporo is quiet.)

Author: Duncan

Translator: Othman